Monthly Archives: October 2007

One Keyboard/Mouse for 2 computers on a networks

I just discovered this really cool and free application that allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse across 2 machines.

In my case this is really useful home where I often have my personal desktop and my work laptop both on my desk. Having 2 sets of keyboards is quite cumbersome so this allows me to move the mouse from from one screen to another (the keyboard working on the machine where the mouse is) without having to either use the touch pad and laptop keyboard or going through a messy unplug-plug.

I tested it between my home XP machine and my work Vista one and it worked flawlessly (I’m actually typing this blog from my home keyboard on my work one smile_teeth) but they also have Linux, Unix and Mac versions.

The only thing you need for this is a TCP/IP connection over a LAN.

Icing on the cake: it seemingly works with more than 2 machines too.

ps: I just copied-paste the URL from one machine to the other: It evens moves the clipboard from one to the other!

On the road in China

This series of report from NPR, NPR : On the Road in China, are a great tale about China today. What so great about it as well as what could be so unnerving. I just finished the book Rob Gifford wrote on this trip. Fascinating story I’d advise anyone with a keen interest on China to read.

It shows that, as one could expect, nothing is black or white over there. That China has huge challenges ahead as well as those opportunities (tepid growth) most people only focus on. As Japan in the 80’s, China nowadays is giving a lesson to the western world, but this does not mean they have all the answers not the best one all the time.

A great way to build a more balanced view of what’s coming. China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power: Books: Rob Gifford
ISBN: 1400064678
ISBN-13: 9781400064670