Monthly Archives: February 2010

The best trainings I’ve ever been through

A few days ago a colleague asked me what were to me the best trainings, outside of my formal education, I’ve been to since I joined the workforce.

Looking at it from a knowledge worker and knowledge workers manager perspective, with lots of communication, cross-group collaboration and permanently having to juggle multiple projects here are, without doubt my top 3 that I would advise anyone looking to grow as a professional and a person to take (In no particular order):

  • Power Presentations, by Jerry Weissman. In this previous post I already mentioned Jerry’s books. Hi 3-days, 4 persons only, intensive presentation training is not only far above any other presentation training I’ve ever taken, it also teaches you skills and behavior that are applicable outside of the realm of pure presentations such as in one-to-one conversations.
  • Take Back Your Life, by Sally McGhee. It is based on the same principle (they co-own the IP) than Getting Things Done (GTD) from David Allen but is focusing on its application within the context of an heavy email and Microsoft Outlook environment. This is just a vital class, as always only works if applied Smile, to manage a complex high speed multi-project knowledge worker environment. All my posts relative to my application of the GTD principles can be found here.
  • Dale Carnegie’s training. This soft skills class through its unique blend of theory, application in real-life and long term approach (4h per week for 12 weeks) is a great training for someone that want to work on his or her soft skills around interpersonal awareness and collaboration.