Using OneNote webapp to build a website

While I was recently looking for an easy, flexible and free way to create a website for a non-profit I realized that with the latest versions of Office online, in particular OneNote web app, I had something that was a great potential tool!

OneNote webapp is the online version of OneNote and the file is hosted on your or your group’s skydrive.

In a nutshell:

  • You can create sections, pages, subpages on OneNote directly on the web
  • It’s super easy, flexible and quite advanced from an editing perspective
  • If you have the client you can work offline on your PC and just has it automatically synchronized with the online version
  • You have up to 25GB of storage for your site
  • Using the liveID authorization mechanisms you can decide:
    • Who will be able or see the content (typically for a website, everyone)
    • Who will be able to modify it (from one person to a full group, for instance for a wiki that only allows team members –non-profit board, user group, friends…- to edit the content
  • Only caveats:
    • The tabs that remain on the left could be a bit odd looking compared with a regular website
    • Page load can be a bit slow some times, though OK for most usages I would say.
  • Check an example out here and tell me what you think of this unconventional use of this webapp!  There too another simplistic example I used to kick-start the UFE Seattle online presence.

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