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A picture is worth a thousand words

Being very visual myself, I have always totally related with this expression.

The series of great animated maps on this site prove once again that pictures (even more when animated) are very powerful ways to explain and demonstrate facts or concepts:

He is for instance the one they have on the history of empires in the middle-east:

note: not all maps are that correct though, for instance the one on history of democracy. But the concept is still a very powerful educational tool with the right data points.

Business Networking 101

For many years now I’ve had students from my undergrad or graduate alma matters reaching out to me to find their first or next “opportunity” (translation: would you have or know of a job for me?).

I have seen great behaviors (sometimes) and I have seen pretty lousy ones (often). Those were not that great behaviors not because the person was unpleasant, rude or anything like this. These were bad because clearly the person did not know how to approach this in the most effective way. And I know from exchanging with several friends in similar situations that I am not the only one to have witnessed this, in particular from current students (vs. seasoned professionals).

The genesis of this booklet came when I realized I was sharing again and again the same advices to people that were reaching out to me, and that it would probably be a good idea to put all these ideas into a single, open and widely available document that students (mostly) could refer to.

This booklet is not the definitive source of wisdom on this topic. It is just my point of view, based on 15+ years of experience (being on both the receiving and asking side of networking) and should be taken as a starting point when looking into improving your career opportunities through networking (is there any other way to do this effectively?).

Your input is more than welcomed and I’m looking forward to add your thoughts to this document, with the appropriate credits of course!

So here is where you can find it:

You can refer to this blogpost directly at:

Update 2013-07-16: An interesting short article on using Linked-in for networking purposes: