It’s often a good idea to protect yourself from emails you will regret

In an early March post from JD Schrammon Jerry Weissman’s blog he refers to several interesting aspects of various types of communication: email, presentations and writing .

Here is my personal addition to this very good post:

“I totally agree with many of points such as white board + classical music for creativity ( I have my "classical music" channel on Pandora for this and got a second white board installed in my office), Crucial Conversation as a great book -though hard to practice as-is the method being a bit long to be able to remember all the points in the middle of a conversation you could not prepare for- and the email one too.

I always tell my team that emails should be answered within 1 day, even if the answer is "I’ll get back to you in XXX days".

One trick for email communication I would add: To avoid issues with venom loaded emails, always sleep on them and NEVER put the name of the person in the address field. Do "reply", then take it out. It’s so easy to hit "Send" by reflex. With no name, your email client will not send it and you will probably save you lots of embarrassment.

Note: I know Lincoln was very well known for writing letter and never sending them. We are just talking about doing to email what he did to mail

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