Monthly Archives: October 2011

A great journey

The ones that follow my blog know that I am a huge fan of JD Meir’s work.

Well, today he is interviewed online and tell the story of his own journey and how and why he is doing what he is doing.  A Very interesting read.

Evolving Being in Action: J.D. Meier – Evolving Beings | Consciousness Expansion and Heart-Centered Living.

Reading and chatting with J.D. I learned a lot of things. But I believe that the most important one is about the “Journey vs. destination” life paradigm. What JD taught me is that:

  • Life is made of many journeys and many destinations and they should be as various as possible to
    maximize growth, fun and impact
  • Both journey AND destination are important. It’s not an “or” choice some people want to make, but
    definitely an “and” one
  • Picking the right ones and then dedicating yourself fully to them is the secret of (almost) all (happiness, success, growth, fulfillment… you name it)

So, what are you next journeys?