Monthly Archives: October 2012

Jerry Weissman’s new book is available for preorder

Jerry Weissman did it again. The 5th installment of his “Power Presentations” series is rich of real-life examples on how to handle various types of presentations and situations including Q&As.

It will be available in December and can be found in preorder on Amazon.

Getting out of the old sequential PowerPoint way of presenting

The office labs guys have developed a free interesting add-in for Power Point which changes the traditional linear way of doing presentations.

A while back when I was in charge of field readiness back in Philips, I built a full set of presentations using elaborate links to allow a more dynamic experience . This was supposed to help a sales people to better adapt their flow to the customer needs. It was quite tough to build, maintain and, to be honest, use.

With PptPlex, this would have been much more intuitive and easy to navigate. Just check this out and you’ll see what I mean…

Power Point Flex tutorial


More information on pptplex (as well as a free download) can be found there: