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Critical mass and leadership

This fairly well know video (also mentioned in Seth Godin’s blog a few years back)  is a great example of how a critical mass can be attained in a group situation. Whether with a generic public at an event (such as in this video), at work or in any situation where leadership is required.

Check out especially the tipping point at one minute 10 seconds into the video, when the 3rd person joins the 2 first dancers.

This is a perfect example of typical group dynamic and some key leadership aspects:

  1. To be a leader you need to go out there, don’t think too much about what others will think but believe in you and your ideas and go for it at 100%.
  2. It might take time before you’re not alone believing in what you’re preaching (or dancing!)
  3. Being the first follower also takes lots of guts. However, you can still pretend you’re not that into it and are just doing it “for the fun”. Probably the best “Image” ROI for someone not willing yet to make a leap of faith and lead… 
  4. The next follower is the one transforming a quest into a crusade, a pair into a group or in plain words the one that create enough “normalness” for many others to join.
  5. Others are just followers. Without them there will be no mass market, no real movement. They are needed, but are just followers…

Who are you? Who would you like to be? When will you (did you?) start doing what it takes for you to be what you want to be?