Windows 8 modern UI tips

As a follow up to my previous post on optimizing your Windows 8/Windows RT/Surface experience here are a few nice tips I have gathered from various sources:

  • Take a screen shot of a modern app: Touch at the same time the “Windows” button at the bottom of your screen (the one on the keyboard won’t work) if you have one of those new tablets or convertibles, and the volume down one. (In desktop mode, the Snipping tool is still available)
  • Get to the lock/switch user/ sign-out/change password/task manager screen quickly(and through the bottom right icon access to restart, shutdown, sleep menus) by pressing the Windows key and the power button simultaneously
  • Hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL from the keyboard will get you to the same screen too.
  • Remember that Windows key + “L” is still here to quickly lock your computer
  • Use new keyboard shortcuts:
  • Right-click with your mouse while on the bottom left corner: show a system menu with direct access to device manager, task manager, power options, explorer, control panel… (16 in total)
      • Closing applications with the mice: move your mice to the top left corner, then slide it down a bit. When all the apps show up, right click to dock or close those apps
      • Select multiple emails by swiping them to the right.

There are many more tips available and I focused on the one that I did not myself discovered serendipitously. Here a few good websites with tips and FAQ on Windows 8 and RT:

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